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So I went to the store(s) today--first time I've left the house since Christmas Eve. I've been way to sick. It's been quite ridiculous. Anyway, I purchased some clothes for school...Fun times.

So, with black tights and black boots...this works, right?


Okay. I was going to put other outfits together here BUT I can't find pictures. Short-lived fun that was.

Reading on Fire

The (r)evolution is here...at least that's how companies like Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon try to suck us into buying one. An eReader. An electronic "tablet." And I resisted for such a long time. In fact, I blame the fifth semester of graduate school, specifically the lonely Thanksgiving spent 500 miles away from family with a mild cold and looming research paper battle AND access to the Internet. There was the Kindle Fire in all its glory--not the most recent generation, but not the first--dancing on the front page of Amazon.com. I was

December Submissions:

Agnes Scott Writing Contest
Camera Obscura
RKVRY quarterly
The Black Warrior Review
The Portland Review
Word Riot
Fjords Review
One Story

We'll see what happens with all of THAT up there. Did I pay to submit? Yes and no. I was only required to play a $3 Submittable fee, BUT I did spend another $5 buying a 5 month subscription (super discounted price). Not a bad deal, at all. Notice I've already gotten one rejection--Word Riot is kind or horrible with their quickness--at least this time it took more than 12-hours to get the resounding NO!.

Writer's Block: Jackpot

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound riches?

After paying off all of my debt, I would buy a modest home (2 bedrooms and an office) with a lovely backyard for Buttercup. Maybe a bungalow circa 1920, located near the university. I would go to grad school and get my MFA. I would write everyday.

Plain, yet simple.


German Christmas Cookies:

aka Almond Crescent Cookies...
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New Addition to the Memphis ZOO:

Be prepared to SWOON:

(photos by Karen Pulfer Focht)

Sarabi nuzzles her newborn baby who is just a few hours old at the Memphis Zoo on Friday. The second new baby in two months was born to the zoo Friday morning around 7am. Until about three years ago, the zoo had gone 15 years without a successful birth. The babies are born while the mother is standing, they then drop to the ground; the gestation period is about 14 mos.

I just died of cuteness.



Calling all KNITTERS:

(for real)

So my next feature story has to deal with a "curiosity or phenomenon" and I wanted to write about the "youth movement" in knitting aka KNITTING AIN'T FOR YOUR GRANDMA ANYMORE.

So if you'd be so kind as to answer these questions for me (if you want to message me your answers instead of posting, that's fine)...

This is due one week from today, so get goin'...

BIO: What's your name? and AGE? and contact info (email)?

1) When did you first learn to Knit?

2) WHY? or What inspired you to pick up the needles?

3) Tell me about your first completed project:

4) Tell me about your "never-ending" project:

5) Do you feel a "closeness" with all knitters?

6) What is your craziest knitting memory?

7) You walk into a yarn store and find out that you're the 10,000 customer! Now you have 15 minutes to grab anything/any yarn and it's YOURS...FOR FREE! What do you go for?

8) Do you have a favorite method? (DPs, circulars, etc?) WHY?

9) Do you have a favorite project? WHY?

10) Is there a website or book you reccommend to new knitters/your friends?

11) When people find out YOU KNIT, what is the most common reaction you receive?

12) Have you ever knitted in public?

F-List Meme

1. Answer the questions, using one name from your flist as an answer to each question.
2. Delete the questions, leaving the answers.
3. Give the questions to anyone who does the meme in turn. You must swear on something really important that you'll do the meme if you want to see the questions.

(p.s. remember my actual flist is few and far between)

1. a_good_storm
2. peculiar_chelle
3. teaparadox
4. nyracat
5. a_good_storm
6. late_for_dinner
7. kozmic_blues
8. nyracat
10. 2pairsofjeans
11. peterfenech
12. kozmic_blues
13. miao0726
14. kozmic_blues
15. faerieface (HOT!)
16. teaparadox
17. peculiar_chelle
18. venusunfolding
19. faerieface
20. teaparadox
21. eh?
22. eh?
23. fourlipskissing
24. .....
25. ditagirl
26. peterfenech
27. 2pairsofjeans
28. eh?
29. fourlipskissing